Online Fax: The Future is Now

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With the digital revolution, faxes have now become outdated. But there are a number of instances when you need to send over a fax for business or statutory needs. The chances are that you might not have a fax machine to complete your task. Of course, there is an option to use a Fax machine from a FedEx office but the trip will not help your already busy schedule.

The Remedy

You certainly would not want to invest any money in the 80’s technology now. However, in case you want to you Fax, there is an option of E-Fax or Online Fax which could help you in addressing your issues. The online fax service can assign you a new fax number or the existing fax number can be ported. Once the setup is complete, the fax services can be accessed through the web portal.

The Monthly Expenditure

The monthly expenditure is variable in nature. Any service provider which offer uninterrupted services with most competitive prices should be the winner in the segment. We offer the porting and monthly fax services at a price of $XX per month, thereby proving to be the best offer you can have for the services.

The Setup Fee

There is a small fee required for the installation of new equipment to facilitate the online fax services.

How does it work?

It is as easy as sending an email from the computer. You get rid of the fax phone lines and busy signals. The document attached will be delivered to the recipient’s fax machine.

Are all fax features available?

Indeed. You will get more than what any fax machine can offer. The online fax service is user-friendly, allows scheduled deliveries of messages, facilitates multiple recipients messages, digital signatures can be affixed on the documents, and it can be integrated with your Outlook or Gmail.

E-Fax-Solution- ConnectIPBX

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