DID Number

What is DID Number Service?

A DID number service provider caters you with a telephone number that works over VoIP with SIP features and solutions. With this service, you will be able to receive calls from users taking use of IPBX or SIP phones. These are virtual numbers that allow you to route all the calls to/from existing telephone lines. DID Number concept came into existence to ensure that a number of employees could be assigned a direct number without having the need of multiple physical phone lines.

What do we offer?

We offer you with wholesale DID number services which could be customized as our services are specially developed to cater the VoIP needs of the companies. Our charges could be based on your choice: per month or per minute basis and you don’t even require the hardware if you intend to receive the calls via internet only. Our services will also help you in allocating one or more trunk lines to the customer’s PBX, thereby allocating a wide range of telephone numbers to the line and forwarding the calls to such numbers using the trunk.

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DID Number

Facilitates thousands of concurring calls to unrestricted number of extension at an optimum price.

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