About Us

ConnectIPBX is a leading IPBX and VoIP service provider. The company collaborates with the largest brands in the internet telephony industry and provides the services to various clients across the world.

With leading edge and world class infrastructure, ConnectIPBX takes pride in providing uninterrupted services, which help in cutting down the telephone bills of large and small enterprises, and are especially preferred by BPO’s.

ConnectIPBX is built upon a state-of- the-art system that is loaded with the latest hardware and software aimed to support the best possible user experience.

Whether you are a large enterprise or need a communications partner to expand your business, ConnectIPX helps your business to connect your existing voice infrastructure to the broad voice network.

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Prominent Service Features

Most Eminent Voice Quality

ConnectIPBX provides nothing but the highest voice quality for the best user experience

Lowest Latency

With our advanced location based routing system, the amount of latency is reduced to lowest levels.

Constant Innovations

With our state-of- the-art infrastructure and network, your existing voice appliances can call SIP endpoints, set up conferences, proxy calls, and record calls as per your requirements.

Global Reach

Contacting any phone around the globe was never too easy with our infrastructure and intelligent media routing processes.

Unlimited Capacity

Based on the plan you select, ConnectIPBX ensures that you get concurrent call capacity and you never have to pay for provisioning or peak capacity.

Cost Savings

ConnectIPBX services are unimaginably economical as compared to the traditional phone services, thereby giving your business fixed savings every month.

Best-In-Class PBX Provider in USA

Business-Class VoIP Phone Solutions System

The cloud-based system offers complete package of features meant to cater the needs of businesses of all sizes.

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DID Number

Facilitates thousands of concurring calls to unrestricted number of extension at an optimum price.

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VoIP Minutes

The VoIP system helps in cutting down your telephone communication costs drastically as compared to the traditional systems.

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